I am fairly new to FreeBSD and I was recently reading about CVSup for updating packages and such, but I beleive the information I was reading is out-dated:


This says that RELENG_4 is for FreeBSD-STABLE and that RELENG_5_0 is "used only for security advisories and other seriously critical fixes." Is this still the case now that 5.0 is the current release version? I installed FreeBSD using the 5.0-Release ISO and want the most current, but stable packages, so I'm not sure which tag to use.

Also, I'm trying to install NVidia's geforce driver, which says it is for FreeBSD -STABLE version 4.7 or later. When I try to compile it, it says that "This driver does not support FreeBSD 5.0/-CURRENT!" If I installed FreeBSD from the 5.0-Release ISO, wouldn't I be running 5.0-Stable and not 5.0-Current?

Any help with either issue would be appreciated.



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