On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 09:55:01PM -0500, Travis Troyer wrote:
> This says that RELENG_4 is for FreeBSD-STABLE and that RELENG_5_0 is 
> "used only for security advisories and other seriously critical fixes." 
>  Is this still the case now that 5.0 is the current release version?  I 
> installed FreeBSD using the 5.0-Release ISO and want the most current, 
> but stable packages, so I'm not sure which tag to use.

FreeBSD 5.0-STABLE may not be as stable as you hope :-)

Have a read of:

for details on the FreeBSD release process.

> Also, I'm trying to install NVidia's geforce driver, which says it is 
> for FreeBSD -STABLE version 4.7 or later.  When I try to compile it, it 
> says that "This driver does not support FreeBSD 5.0/-CURRENT!"  If I 
> installed FreeBSD from the 5.0-Release ISO, wouldn't I be running 
> 5.0-Stable and not 5.0-Current?

>From the above url:

"FreeBSD 5.0 will be based on the CURRENT branch. This will be the first
release from this branch in over two years (the last was FreeBSD 4.0, in March

At some point after the release of FreeBSD 5.0, a ``5-STABLE'' branch will be
created in the FreeBSD CVS repository with the branch tag RELENG_5. The past
two stable branches (3-STABLE and 4-STABLE) were created immediately after
their respective ``dot-oh'' releases (3.0 and 4.0, respectively). In hindsight,
this practice did not give sufficient time for either CURRENT or the new STABLE
branches to stabilize after the new branches were created.

Therefore, the release engineering team will only create the 5-STABLE branch in
the CVS repository after they have found a relatively stable state to use as
its basis. It is likely that there will be multiple releases in the 5.X series
before this happens; we estimate that the 5-STABLE branch will be created
sometime after 5.1-RELEASE or 5.2-RELEASE."


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