On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 09:55:01PM -0500, Travis Troyer wrote:

> This says that RELENG_4 is for FreeBSD-STABLE and that RELENG_5_0 is 
> "used only for security advisories and other seriously critical fixes." 
>  Is this still the case now that 5.0 is the current release version?  I 
> installed FreeBSD using the 5.0-Release ISO and want the most current, 
> but stable packages, so I'm not sure which tag to use.

There's no such thing as "stable packages", because the ports
collection is not branched.

> Also, I'm trying to install NVidia's geforce driver, which says it is 
> for FreeBSD -STABLE version 4.7 or later.  When I try to compile it, it 
> says that "This driver does not support FreeBSD 5.0/-CURRENT!"  If I 
> installed FreeBSD from the 5.0-Release ISO, wouldn't I be running 
> 5.0-Stable and not 5.0-Current?

No, but anyway the point is that Nvidia doesn't support 5.0-anything.
The driver will probably work if you remove the warning, but you're on
your own support-wise.


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