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On Thu, Oct 16, 2008, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
In the last hour, I've received over 200 legitimate bounce messages from
email services as a result of someone having used or worse is using my
email address in spam from multiple windows machines and ip addresses.
The end result is that I am getting the bounce messages.  I'm sure that
others on this list have experienced the problem and maybe have a
solution that I don't have.

Did these come from Barracuda boxes?

Blowback like this is hardly new or legitimate as the From and Sender
header addresses are often (usually) forged in spam, and it does not do
anything useful to reply to them.  The forged addresses may just be
something scraped from the address book of a machine running the Microsoft
virus, Windows, or a deliberate ``Joe Job'' where a spammer is targeting
somebody who may have caused them problems.

It had just got up this morning and found my mailbox full of these and lost my cool. I probably sent the email too quickly. Thanks for helping me get it together.


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