On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 04:34:00PM +0200, Frank Bonnet wrote:
> Hello
> I am on the way to setup a brand new Samba server with OpenLDAP backend
> I am very interrested by feedback of "real world" samba admins running it 
> with FreeBSD
> or Linux , my boss push hardly to use Linux but I would much prefer FreeBSD
> so good arguments are welcome ( my boss is a smart guy , if I give enough
> litterature that says FreeBSD is better, he will be OK )
> More seriously I'm also searching for eventuals benchmarks that compare
> those two configurations.

Linux-based systems and FreeBSD systems should support Samba roughly
identically well.  I seem to recall seeing some benchmarks for FreeBSD
network server operations under heavy load just crushing comparative
Linux-based servers, but I don't recall where.

Anyway, if you can find benchmarks to that effect, or at least benchmarks
that don't show Linux substantially beating FreeBSD, you should be
covered.  Add in some stuff about how FreeBSD is better (for your
purposes, at least) in general, regardless of the specific Samba stuff,
and you should have a win.

FreeBSD support for Samba is, in my limited experience (haven't used
Samba much in the last four years), excellent.  So is Samba support on,
for instance, Debian.  I believe you'll have to look outside of Samba
support for reasons to pick one over the other.

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