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> Hello
> I am on the way to setup a brand new Samba server with OpenLDAP backend
> I am very interrested by feedback of "real world" samba admins running it
> with FreeBSD
> or Linux , my boss push hardly to use Linux but I would much prefer FreeBSD
> so good arguments are welcome ( my boss is a smart guy , if I give enough
> litterature that says FreeBSD is better, he will be OK )
> More seriously I'm also searching for eventuals benchmarks that compare
> those two configurations.
> Thanks a lot.

This is probably not a reliable or objective comparison, but I get much
better performance at home b/w a fbsd7/windows vista client and a fbsd6.2
server (freenas) over a 11g wireless network than in the office b/w a
windows xp client and an ubuntu 8.04 server over a 100 Mbps ethernet network
(even if I am the only person using the server). my server at home runs on
an assembled 1.8 GHz athlon xp system with 512 MB RAM. The one in the office
is a Wipro NetPower server with a 3 GHz Pentium 4 and 2 GB RAM. both servers
run the default samba versions they came with, and both clients are kept
upto date

it could possibly be a problem with the default ubuntu server configuration,
but i have not checked it out yet

Gautham Ganapathy
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