Frank Bonnet schrieb:

I am on the way to setup a brand new Samba server with OpenLDAP backend

I am very interrested by feedback of "real world" samba admins running it with FreeBSD
or Linux , my boss push hardly to use Linux but I would much prefer FreeBSD
so good arguments are welcome ( my boss is a smart guy , if I give enough
litterature that says FreeBSD is better, he will be OK )

In the dark ages of FreeBSD 5.x ;) we've used Linux (Debian, RedHat) but nowadays I would certainly prefer FreeBSD again, because:

  - The software in the ports is close to what comes from "upstream",
    Linux-Distros often keep old versions or inhouse modifications
    which can lead to disasters like e.g. the Debian OpenSSL bug or
    unuseable LDAP-servers that are delivered with RedHat.

  - Linux-Distros are conservative in updating software versions or
    fixing bugs in their so called "stable" releases. In most cases
    (RedHat, Debian) the fixes are "backported" to older versions, in
    other cases (Ubuntu) fixes may break your system or bugs are simply
    ignored. If you need a newer version of a certain software, you will
    very soon find yourself using backports from foreign repositories or
    start rolling your own packages. But if you have to leave the
    package management system of your distro anyway, why not use the
    comfort of FreeBSD ports?

  - Once you are familiar with it, FreeBSD is easier to manage IMHO,
    it's clean and mostly well documented.

  - FreeBSD has jails. :)

More seriously I'm also searching for eventuals benchmarks that compare
those two configurations.

I don't think that there are great performance differences nowadays.

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