I've been using the FBSD firewall pfSense since last January
        without fully understanding it.  Now I'm getting some clues as to
        one *possibility* why my new laptop may not be working.  --It is
        more probably a hardware fauly, but maybe somebody can clue me in
        How both my wife and my daughter and I (with my new ThinkPad G41)
        were given IP's _within_ the "Range" that was set up.

        My private IP's are listed as  --

        and my Range is listed as to  The "Range" is described on one

           You will need to set the Range of the DHCP server which 
           will regulate how many IP addresses you will give out.

        My wife's Dell XP has; daughter's Macbook is; and when I clicked around and made my daughter's
        computer IP "static", pfSense gave me an error.  It said that 
        it was incorrectly within the "Range".  How can I change/edit it
        so that it is outside the range?  I would like everything
        possible to be set in concrete.  Will pfSense pick an IP outside
        the range?



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