Today I did a clean install of FreeBSD 7.

Installed and configured:
Apache: 2.2.9
MySQL Server: 5.0.67
PHP: 5.2.6
Drupal: 6.5

Everything is working with the default install and I can browse my server
from other computers. I am able to upload new modules to
drupal/sites/all/modules/{module_name} However I have a problem when
uploaded themes to drupal/sites/all/themes/{theme_name} for some reason the
server gets an access denied error. [Note: this happens when I ftp from
Vista and upload.] Seems that I have not set up the FTP correctly.

For FTP I am using: Pure - FTPD server 1.0.21

Basicly I need to know how to configure the ftp so when I upload a file to
the theme directory the website can still access the directory.

drupal is installed at: /usr/local/www/drupal6
drwxr-xr-x 9 root www 512 drupal6
drwxr-xr-x 4 root www 512 modules
drwxr-xr-x 2 root www 512 themes

I have even tried changing the owner for the drupal6 folder and all sub
folders/files to the user I am logging in as but that still did not solve
the problem.

Here is what exactly happens. When I upload a new theme into the correct
directory then log into drupal the theme is seen in the list of available
themes, so that means the server is seeing the files. Once I activate the
theme my web page goes completely white. If I then delete the new theme
folder, the web page shows up again stating that the theme.inc file failed
because of "access denied". It is strange that with the same process modules
work with no problem.

Any suggestions?
I am still fairly new to FreeBSD maybe it is something simple with
permissions that I have overlooked.

Bruce Wade
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