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>On Sunday 19 October 2008, Roger Olofsson wrote:
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>> >On Saturday 18 October 2008, Roger Olofsson wrote:
>> >> What are the steps to bring back gconcatenated disks if doing an
>> >> upgrade from FreeBSD6 to FreeBSD7 like this?
>> >>
>> >> As-is situation:
>> >> FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE ad0 has FreeBSD ad1, ad2 and ad3 are 
>> >> using 'gconcat label -v data /dev/ad1 /dev/ad2 /dev/ad3'.
>> >
>> >The concat device should just appear automatically after the upgrade
>> >long as you (continue to) load the geom_concat kernel module. Be
>> >that if
>> >the on-disk metadata format has changed then it will automatically
>> >upgraded. This is usually a good thing but if you need to roll back
>> >6.x for some reason it's something to take into consideration.
>> >
>> >> Planned upgrade:
>> >> Reboot from cdrom, install FreeBSD7 from cd to ad0
>> >
>> >Just curious, is there a reason you're going this route instead of
>> >upgrading from source?
>> Hello John and thank you for your reply!
>> Follow-up question - /dev contains a /dev/concat/label entry - is
>> entry created when loader.conf invokes the kernel module?
>Yes. Many of the GEOM modules (label, mirror, concat, stripe, etc)
>nodes in the relevant subdirectories in /dev as soon as they "taste"
>drives (or other providers) and discover metadata belonging to them.
>is generally when they are loaded (if modules) or at boot time (if
>into the kernel or preloaded by loader.conf). Any time you insert a
>(such as a USB stick) the loaded modules also have an opportunity 
>to "taste" it and create nodes as appropriate.
>> The machine won't be rollbacked so that's not an issue.
>> The reason for following this route is that it's faster than doing it
>> from source (it's an old machine). The machine has been a playground
>> has alot of ports installed that aren't being used anymore. The
>> concatenated drives contain data only hence the need to preserve
>Makes sense. :)

Thank you John, it worked excellent!


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