I took a working 5.4-i386 server and trying to convert its RAID 5 to
RAID 10 and load 7.0 amd64. I kept getting BTX halted even after
flashing the latest bios and firmware for the raid card, Intel SRCZCR,
in this dual Xeon 2.4GHz supermicro superserver. I have another server,
bit newer, but same basic hardware makeup with Xeon 3.0 procs that runs
6.1-amd64 fine. Anyway, so I have resorted to the i386 version of 7.0 to
see if the server is just incapable of running amd64, which after
passing the initial boot where amd64 failed, now gives me the subject
error after some reference to GEOM_LABEL. I did rebuild the RAID to
RAID-10, can someone tell me what this error means?


Thanks for any guidance.


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