On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 03:50:01PM -0400, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I took a working 5.4-i386 server and trying to convert its RAID 5 to
> RAID 10 and load 7.0 amd64. I kept getting BTX halted even after
> flashing the latest bios and firmware for the raid card, Intel SRCZCR,
> in this dual Xeon 2.4GHz supermicro superserver. I have another server,
> bit newer, but same basic hardware makeup with Xeon 3.0 procs that runs
> 6.1-amd64 fine. Anyway, so I have resorted to the i386 version of 7.0 to
> see if the server is just incapable of running amd64, which after
> passing the initial boot where amd64 failed, now gives me the subject
> error after some reference to GEOM_LABEL. I did rebuild the RAID to
> RAID-10, can someone tell me what this error means?
> http://columbus.webtent.org/freebsd.png

Can you please try 7.1-BETA2 instead (ISOs are now available)?  There
have been fixes/improvements to BTX since 7.0-RELEASE which could fix
your problem.

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