Charles Mason wrote:
On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 4:42 PM, Wojciech Puchar
I am very interrested by feedback of "real world" samba admins running it
with FreeBSD
or Linux , my boss push hardly to use Linux but I would much prefer
do what your boss wants. it's his company, and it's his right to make bad
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If he's a good boss (as the poster seem to be implying) then he will
be asking because he hasn't made his mind up his mind completely, but
yeah don't get fired over it :)

From what I have seen, both are perfectly capable and since its samba
that will be doing most of the actual work its probably doesn't matter
that much. Of course the next question if he goes with Linux, is which
distro. Perhaps the question should be FreeBSD v Red Hat v Ubuntu v
SUSE v latest flavour of the month. Since keeping it patched is
essential, these sorts of admin features do matter.

I am not sure what File System you plan on using but FreeBSD does have
one killer feature Linux doesn't, ZFS. Linux thanks to licensing
issues doesn't really have a solid implementation yet (although there
have been attempts). If you need its features and can put a decent
amount of RAM in to the file server, to good be a good choice and
perhaps just the angle you are looking for.

To be honest I haven't used ZFS in serious production yet although I
have been running it at home on my DIY 1.25tb NAS without any issues
for nearly a year. Still if you have spent a lot an expensive RAID
system disabling it and using ZFS's superior (unless you really spent
a lot on that RAID hardware) redundancy may not go down to well.

Hope that's of some help.

Charlie M


Thanks for your answer, filesystem is not really my problem I'll
use a Netapp server for home directories.

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