On Saturday 18 October 2008 17:49:26 Benzi Mizrahi wrote:
> Hello all,
>         I am running FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE #2 with KDE: 3.5.10.
>         A few *PORTUPGRADEs* ago , I can't recall when, I noticed
>         that when KDE is started, usually after system startup , kontact
>         application is started automatcally, which I 'd like to disable.
>                 Kde is started from /etc/ttys, and I have no automatic
>         activation for any apps from $HOME/.kde/Autostart. I 'd like to
>         be able to call kmail at my own will. Can you please tell how can
>         I disable kontact automatic activation?

This has little to do with portupgrade or FreeBSD. You have shut down a 
session with Kmail active. Shut the session down without KMail active and 
problem solved. Please note that, Kmail minimizes to systray, unless you use 
ctrl-q or File => Quit, so you might think it's gone when it's not.


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