On Saturday 18 October 2008, Benzi Mizrahi wrote:

> Hello all,
>         I am running FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE #2 with KDE: 3.5.10.
>         A few *PORTUPGRADEs* ago , I can't recall when, I noticed
>         that when KDE is started, usually after system startup ,
> kontact application is started automatcally, which I 'd like to
> disable.

Make sure you have no applications started in your KDE session, apart 
from any that you'd like to start each time, then click on the "Save 
Session" option in the main KDE menu. After doing this open up the 
Control Center and select the "Restore manually saved session" option 
in the Session Manager section.

Alternatively, if you don't want anything to start up, miss out 
the "Save Session" step and use the "Start with an empty session" 
option in the Session Manager.

Mike Clarke
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