Hello list,
 I have a FBSD box that runs as a web/mail server to provide access to
a web based application. I want to build a custom FBSD 7.0 installation
By custom I mean:
1. automatic disk partition based on a scheme i provide.
2. automatic installation of the needed packages as well as the config
files. I plan to
update the packages which i might keep on a ftp server on remake the
installation disk
anytime i make package updates.
3. automatic "installation" of all the php/html/perl/sh scripts needed to
run the application.
 Basically i want a disk that you put it in the cdrom and installs the
system, packages and all
the necessary scripts to run the application. More than that a modified
kernel to allow pf, as well
as the pf configuration file. The installation will always be on the same
hardware in case of failure.

 So can you please give me hints as well as opinions how should i start
this. What alternatives should i consider?

thank you,
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