Hello, i am interested in setting up a small cluster, of about 5 machines to 
show how this can work on a university environment. Its kind of a pitch to 
university authorities to show them how this work so they can think on 
investing top dollars on it.  We have a bunch of workstations running FreeBSD, 
However as i been reading through the documentation, the canonical situacion 
would be a environment where the machines netboot over the server, get most of 
their partitions over NFS and have NIS installed so users can authenticate at 
the server and share resources available at the cluster. 

My question is, it is possible to just install SGE, grid Mathematica (or maybe 
MPI, open-MPI, a custom application), share the home directory over NFS, copy 
some ssh keys to the other nodes and run them like a cluster?. Please someone 
with more experience on this kind of install help me with a series of steps 
designed on how to get this running.

Gerardo Paredes

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