Valentin Bud wrote:
hello list,
 a little story about samba and FreeBSD.
I had to make a file server for a company that uses a program for
accounting. that software works with lots of files to do the job.

the software admin told me that the permissions should be very open on the
directories and files
so i made them 0777. the software worked like a charm for about 2 months but
after that
at some point the client couldn't access the files on the samba server.
 The files were there with the correct permissions but the software refused
to access them with
an error that they don't exist. I've tried to debug samba but couldn't find


Here's another story. Our accounting packages also dump their files, databases and settings onto network drives. This is what we tend to do:

1.- Create a dedicated network drive for every software package with its own letter. Let's say package XYZ gets letter Y:. All users connecting to Samba must load network drive for XYZ as Y:. Otherwise some client instances may complain that the database was installed on Y: but there's nothing because it is actually somewhere else.

2.- Create user xyz and group xyz. Then map the XYZ network drive as xyz:xyz. By this, we avoid permission problems.

3.- Whenever we call tech support, we tell them that our network drives are located on a Windows 2003 machine. This saves us unnecessary headaches and warranty issues.

We've been doing this for years and it works like a charm.


Mikhail Goriachev
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