Hello Greg,

When I tried to upgrade kmymoney2 on my amd64 6.4-PRERELEASE using 
portmaster I also received the same error message as Dino.   However, 
after I amended the Makefile as you had suggested portmaster worked as 
it should.

Just wanted to let you know that you seem to be on the right track.

With thanks and regards,


On Sunday 19 October 2008 21:55:08 Greg Larkin wrote:
> > Dino Vliet wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hi Greg
> >
> >
> > Here the tow output file pkg_info_output.txt and the Makefile
> > as attachments because otherwise this messsage would be too
> > large (I know that the freebsd mailinglist will not let my
> > message through)
> >
> > Brgds
> > Dino
> Hi Dino,
> Can you check in the work/kmymoney2-0.8.9/doc/en directory to see if
> there is a file named errorlog or some other files with a ".log"
> extension after you receive the make error?  If so, please send those
> as well or post them somewhere for viewing.
> It looks like the finance/kmymoney2 port Makefile needs additional
> work to include dependencies on the tools that generate the PDF
> documentation (pdfjadetex and others).  I didn't have those tools
> originally, and the PDF documentation generation was disabled.
> I installed the required tools manually, and I now get an error
> during PDF generation, although it's different than what you
> reported.  The other thing that might be helpful is if you can change
> directory into work/kmymoney2-0.8.9/doc/en, type "make -d a" and
> capture the output. That will show extra debugging information from
> make as it processes its targets.
> By the way, if you don't care about the PDF documentation, you can
> temporarily change the port Makefile line that reads:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-ofxplugin --enable-ofxbanking
> --enable-pdf-docs
> to:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-ofxplugin --enable-ofxbanking
> I'm likely going to make that switch dependent on the NOPORTDOCS knob
> as well.
> Regards,
> Greg

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