it is OK for 4.7 but my old 5.0 installation says that
79780xxx - is invalid, so
using more likely geometry - 5005xxxx and while trying to
modify anything
using sysinstall fdisk i get write error! is this a bug of

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On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 05:57:47PM +0300, Michael Soboleff
> I have 40Gb IBM IDE drive, while booting freebsd 4.7 shows
> me 79780/16/63 geometry,
> but! sysinstall gives me another numbers : 5005/255/63.
> QUESTION is it OK?

Both are logical geometries.  They are roughly equivalent:

79780 * 16 * 63 = 80418240 addressable sectors, or ~40GB
5005 * 255 * 63 = 80405325 addressable sectors, or ~40GB

The first figure (79780/16/63) is the disk geometry that is
printed on the label on the front of the disk and is
conformant with the
ATA standard.  The second figure (5005/255/63) is probably
the geometry
that your BIOS is using.  Either way, as long as the machine
works then
you shouldn't have to worry.


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