Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
Trying to build my own kernel with PAE option and getting the following

/usr/src/sys/dev/advansys/advansys.c: In function 'adv_action':
/usr/src/sys/dev/advansys/advansys.c:259: warning: cast from pointer to
integer of different size
*** Error code 1

I removed the PAE option keeping my SMP option in the kernel
configuration for this dual proc server and it builds fine. Any idea
what I can do for this error?

Have a look at:


Is the device that is causing the problem listed with a "nodevice" entry?
I guess in your case, it is the "adv" device, and it is listed. This means it does not work with a PAE kernel.

How about going with the 64bit version of FreeBSD?

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