On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 20:30 +0300, Manolis Kiagias wrote:
> Is it a 64bit CPU? The AMD64 version of FreeBSD supports the Intel
> 64bit 
> (Core2 / Quad / Xeon / Pentium 4 / Pentium D) processors as well, 
> regardless of the "AMD" in its name.

It is an Intel Xeon 2.4GHz processor, but I was told yesterday here on
the list that if LM does not appear in the AMD Features line of dmesg,
then it does not support amd64. I looked at another server we have here
now running amd64 FreeBSD and I see the AMD Features line with LM, but
on this server, no AMD Features line whatsoever. I am getting 'BTX
halted' when trying to install FreeBSD-amd64 on this server. The other
server we have running it has Xeon 3.0GHz procs, I thought that was
kinda weird that the two servers were really close in spec, but one
would not run amd64 :/

This would be my preferred option if I can get it to install.


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