On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Leon Swanepoel - MWEB

> Firstly I like to say that I believe the developers are doing a standup
> job and that Freebsd is but the best of the best. I have however one
> little problem. There is an issue with Broadcom nic (bge) on the dell
> 2650 machines that are constantly running Ierrs. The bce,em,xl or any
> other card connected to a server patched to the same switch has no
> errors only that card. I have logged a fault on your site for this
> already but I have received no response and it has been quite some time.
> Is there anyone I can contact in this regard?

I'm assuming that you aren't a regular member of this list, before anyone
can help you we need the following:
    1)  What version of FreeBSD are you running?          (uname -a)
    2)  What EXACT model of Dell server are you working with here?
(The words "Oh hell its a Dell" come to mind)
    3)  We need a hardware spec. dump from this machine.          (dmesg)
    4)  Mail me off list I'm in Sandton and might be able to help.

Logging a "fault" on the website will liably get you no response without
items 1 -> 3.
FreeBSD, much like most OpenSource UNIX-like OSs, is not a commercial
product and you are not a paying customer, therefor you need to take part in
the community when things like this happen.

I'm not trying to be confrontational, even if I looks like I might be, just
trying to make any further activities on this list as enjoyable and
productive as possible for you.
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