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> You may be able to reuse some code from dump(8).

Hey, that's a good idea! After having had a short look at the
source of dump, I developed another idea: dump applies some
criteria weather to access (and dump) an inode or not. Maybe
it's possible to change these criteria within dump, recompile
it and then use it to dump any (!) existing inode. The only
problem would be to implement a workaround for those that don't 
have a parent inode anymore (file name lost), i. e. those on
the 1st hierarchy stage within the home directory.

> Dump's purpose is to ensure that the dump will be complete in the
> sense of containing the full path to any file that is on the tape,
> and your purpose is different, but I suspect much of the "find
> parent" logic may be reusable.

I have to admit that it's a bit complicated. Programming applications
in C is my forte, hehe, but dump's C code is very much lowlevel.
I'm so lucky FreeBSD has the right attitude towards documentation.
So I will find a way to implement it, I hope.

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