Hello there my friends.

I happen to have this little problem and was wondering if somebody could have 
a quick answer.

I'm fed up of reading man pages on my monitor, so I begun to turn them into 
pdf. In order to do so i just issue the following command:

"man -t 3 getopt | ps2pdf14 - > man_getopt"

It _does_ work, but the problem is that "man -t" ( -t 
== /usr/bin/groff -S -man) formats the man page in a really non-standart page 
size ( %%DocumentMedia: Default 612 792 0 () () ... << /PageSize [ 612 
792 ] ) which .. well .. sucks ..

Is there an easy way to get man to format the man page using plain good ISO 
216 standard A4 page size?

In case you are wondering: yes, google didn't help and yes, the man pages for 
groff, troff, nroff, ditroff, huge list of etceteras didn't help either.

and on a side note: will we ever get to see ISO 216 A4 as the default choice 
for output instead of not-standard, only usefull in the US but useless in the 
rest of the whole world "letter" page size and the likes???

Gonzalo Nemmi
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