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> May i ask a question. Why do you use phpmyadmin from ports? It installs
> well i don't use phpmyadmin at all ;)
>  lots of libraries hence possible security threats in the future. So
>> instead
>> of
>> taking care of updating a bunch of libraries just for phpmyadmin why don't
>> you simply download it from http://www.phpmyadmin.net/, put in the apache
>> doc
>> root, set it up and so you have to take care to update it when a new
>> version
> and do it with all other software too, ending with total mess quickly.
> just like windows

Just for the record i'm not doing it with other software and i don't intend

the main reason i don't like to install phpmyadmin from ports is the
# pwd

# make all-depends-list | grep x11

I am not that good in FBSD so i'm asking, is there a way to install
without installing all the above mentions as depends x11 stuff?
 The above x11 ports install dependecies of their own so you end up with
lots of
x11 stuff you don't need. So that's why i use and like the other method.
thank you for you opinions,
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