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Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Hello!
>I have some problems with my samba/vista "os"
>I can't log on from my pc to the samba, it says every time that there
>is a password/user problem, I tried to retype almost 50 times the
>user/pass, to change it but it don't works.
>do you ever meet this problem?
>no - i don't use windows, for users i strongly recommend not using

That was not the question the OP asked.

>anyway - it's not FreeBSD related problem, samba is not FreeBSD

If the OP is using SAMBA in a FreeBSD environment, then it is most
certainly a FBSD related problem.

>try windows support and samba related mailing lists!

In which case, if their users are as closed minded as you appear to be,
they will refer the OP to the FreeBSD and/or Samba mailing list,
depending on which list he contacts.


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