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>Valentin Bud wrote:
>> hello,
>> what do you know about this site: http://www.metricamerica.com/.
>> i don't remember where i have read that America is going to apply the
>> (ess eye)
>> unit system.
>> so things are going to change maybe even the A4 papersize.

> The Metric System has been a legal measure in the United States since 
> the 1860's.
> There is nothing to stop anybody legally from using it.

However, there is one problem. When I go into Staples, Office Depot or
Sam's, they only have letter sized paper. I have yet to see a single box
of A4 or any other ISO size. Sure, my printers can handle A4, but where
can I buy a couple reams of it?

Bob McConnell
Ithaca, NY
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