Alistair Phillips wrote:
Hi guys,

I know that in the mailing list a while ago people were wondering why
SoftUpdates were not enabled by default at install time on the / partition.

Now I installed FreeBSD 4.7 RELEASE into a 4GB slice.  I did not create
seperate bits for / or /usr and such - but one large big space.

So I enabled SoftUpdates when I was busy with FDISK at the install time
and now it seems like it may have been a bad idea.  Now I know 4GB is
not much but it seems that there is no more space left.  And at times df -h
will tell me there is -180MB available on / !  [  Dont get me wrong here, I
not saying that SoftUpdates is causing me lack of space. ]

Now I know that I should just du to see whats taking up the space and I will
investigate that this weekend - but I was wondering if it was a bad idea to
gone and enabled SoftUpdates on / seeing as it is one big

This machine is just a setup that I've got to play with - I'm sharing it
with WinXP
but would like to move across to FreeBSD full time.  So I have no problems
having to re-install it!
You don't have to reinstall to disable softupdates.  If you read the man
page for tunefs, it says that the changes will be made, but won't take
effect until the system is rebooted.  So you should be able to use tunefs
to turn of softupdates and just reboot the machine to have it take effect.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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