On 2008-Oct-24 10:43:04 +0200, Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> 6.1-RELEASE-amd64 machine.  If I add /usr/lib32 to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>> it breaks all of my binaries on my 64-bit machine.
>what do you expect else?

Well, the rtld should be smart enough to recognize 32-bit .so's and
skip them when binding a 64-bit executable.  Whilst having /usr/lib32
in LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't make sense from a solely FreeBSD perspective,
I have done similar things when writing cross-platform scripts (to
avoid having to use platform-dependent code).

>this will make system trying to bind 32-bit libs to 64-bit program. it 
>can't work

rtld shouldn't attempt to bind 32-bit libs to 64-bit programs.

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