On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 12:57:21AM -0400, John L. Templer wrote:
> Under Solaris x86 or Ubuntu Linux I have to use an application like
> cdrecord or soundjuicer to extract the audio tracks.  These applications
> bypass the device files and go straight to the SCSI interface layer.
> libparanoia is a library that handles the tricky bits of reading the
> data off the CD.  Just using dd to copy the data from the device file
> often results in corrupted data.  I was wondering if the BSD kernel (or
> devd or whatever) uses a similar method of handling all the different
> variations that audio format CDs have.

Well, cdrecord is in the ports:


You may need to kldload atapicam though...

>From /usr/ports/sysutils/cdrtools/pkg-descr:

The cdrtools software includes tools to create and/or extract
ISO-9660 filesystems, verify their integrity, and write them to

This package contains the following programs:
- cdda2wav (an digital CD audio extraction program)
- cdrecord (a CD-R[W] recording program)
- devdump (dump a device or file in hex)
- isodebug (show debug info contained in an ISO-9660 image)
- isodump (dump a device or file based on ISO-9660)
- isoinfo (analyze or list an ISO-9660 image)
- isovfy (verify an ISO-9660 image)
- mkisofs (an ISO-9660 filesystem image creator)
- mkhybrid (an ISO-9660/HFS filesystem image creator)
  Link to mkisofs.
- readcd (a data CD reading and recording program)
  May be used to to write to DVD-RAM and to copy Solaris boot CD's.
- scgcheck (checks and validates the ABI of libscg)
- rscsi (daemon providing access to local SCSI-devices over the network)

WWW: http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/cdrecord.html


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