My laptop "died" recently and to get back to work as quickly as
possible I simply took the laptop ide drive and put it into an old
desktop using a 2.5" -> 3.5" ide adapter.  After loading a few new
drivers into the kernel everything is working quite well.

The next thing I've tried to do, without success, is mirror the
contents of the 2.5" drive to a 3.5" drive in the desktop.

The 2.5" drive is sliced/partitioned like this:

Filesystem      Size    Mounted on
/dev/ad0s2a     989M   /
/dev/ad0s2d     989M   /tmp
/dev/ad0s2f      59G     /usr
/dev/ad0s2e     989M   /var

ad0s1 is a 20GB slice that I have window installed on.

The drive's total capacity is 80G.

The 3.5" drive is only 70G so I'll have to skip the ad0s1 slice.
Ideally what I'd like to do is copy everything from the ad0s2 slice to
the 3.5" and run the OS off that drive.  Then, each dump the contents
of the 3.5" drive to the 2.5" drive.  That way if either drive dies
I'll, hopefully at worst, just have to switch which drive I boot from.

Can anyone with experience doing something this make suggestions?


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