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Hi all

I have lost the neuron where I stored the root password of an installation ;D

I have seen a "How to" about this but I have a problem, i set the console
to insecure, so when I try to do the step of the "how to" i get a message
to input the root password or Ctrl-D to enter in multiuser mode.

Is there a way to restore/modify it, or not?

Some ideas?

You can try booting from installation media into 'fixit' mode or live
filesystem. Once there, you can mount your HDD read-write; edit /etc/master.password to remove the crypted password string from the
line for the root account; run 'cap_mkdb ./master.passwd'; reboot back

Ooops. Make that:  'pwd_mkdb ./master.passwd'

to your normal system and then log in as root (no password) and /immediately/ set another root password.

This time, don't forget your root password.  If you struggle to memorise
it, then *write it down* on its own, on a blank sheet of paper. Don't add any really obvious text like "this is the root password for my server" -- after all, we don't want to make it too easy for anyone trying to break in do we? Seal that paper in an envelope and keep it in a safe place. But not so safe that you forget where you put it...




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