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> How do it configure FreeBSD to restrict users to their home directory?

You can give the users rbash as their shell. This will restrict them to their
home directory. But this can be easily broken out of if the user starts
another shell! So you should disable all other shells for normal users.

Otherwise you could put the users in a jail of their own. But they will
still need system files (which they can see) in the jail for it to be

> I don't want them to be able see any system directories or other users?

User directories are by default both owned by the user and belong to the
user's group. So you can set the umask for every user so that their
files are not accessible to others.

You cannot block read and execute access to a lot of system files
(binaries, libraries, /usr/[local/]share/) without making the system useless.

What is the problem you're trying to solve? Blocking read access to
system files is almost certainly the wrong solution.

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