Only bleep-Doze or linux works, and I'd like a clue how to stream mp3
files using X browser on FBSD.  If I try to stream or d/load with konq,
it asks if I want to Save, Cancel, or use KMplayer.  For most audio--
streams that last several minutes to two hours--KMplayer is fine.  But
for the few French language sites that stream one or two syllables at a
time, I wind up with multiple KMplayers.  (And linguist-dunce that I am,
I'll reply a word or phrase 20-30 times.  Yes, sorry, but I'm that bad.

How do I stream an mp3 file without using a player.... Or is there a
way?  (I'd use Ubuntu 8.10, but the port is busted right now.  Besides,
it's time that it just-worked with FreeBSD.  We've already got the most
rock solid server OS; why can't we go the additional few centimeters?


 Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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