Sahil Tandon wrote:
> Do these ellipses include a 'make install'?  Otherwise, that is likely
> your problem; devel/glib20 is not actually installed.

Michael Powell wrote:
If you previously had glib20-2.14.6 installed, you will need to do a 'make
deinstall' prior to 'make reinstall'.
then follow up by doing the gio-fam-backend port.

Thank you both for your help.  :-)

I didn't understand the need to do a make deinstall/ reinstall on glib20. So I tried again:

devel/glib20 and gio-fam-backend seemed to go okay. I think I got further into firefox3, but it failed:

configure: error: Library requirements (cairo >= 1.6.0 freetype2 fontconfig) not met

What's next?



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