On Sunday 26 October 2008 22:21:08 Gary Kline wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 11:50:13AM +0100, Tijl Coosemans wrote:
>> On Saturday 25 October 2008 03:55:26 Gary Kline wrote:
>>> Maybe somebody here can clue me in on how to get a 1998, windose3.1/w95
>>> French-learning game to work on my newly built wine.  I asked on the
>>> Ubuntu forums and altho somebody did try to help; Zip.
>>> I do not have a clue to the DOS-path; it's a CDROM and since I'm using
>>> the top CD/DVD optical drive, I'm guessing that it D:\; right? since C:\
>>> would be the harddrive.
>>> Otherwise, no clue.  The disc is due back at the library soon so I want
>>> to make the most of it ... even if it does crash every 355 minutes!
>> You can setup drive letters using the drives tab in winecfg.
>> So, insert cdrom, mount it, run winecfg and assign a drive letter
>> to the mount point. If you have hal/dbus enabled most of this is
>> done automatically.
> hal/dbus are going.  How do I mount the cdrom on C:\ ?
> I've already run winecfg and sound works, selected "Windows 95".

No, you mount the cdrom like you normally would. If you use hal
and the cdrom is mounted on /var/media/something, you need
to tell wine (winecfg, drives tab) that whenever drive D: is
accessed, it should look for the files in /var/media/something.
After that you can run 'wine d:\\setup.exe'.

You should see something like this in winecfg:
C:  ../drive_c
D:  /var/media/cd0
Z:  /
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