I had a perfectly good, running 4.7 machine at home that serviced my
dhcp, nat & samba needs. I ordered a new Western Digital 160GB drive for
it and it came in last night. I decided this would be a great time to
make a fresh start on the 5.X tree so I removed the other two drives
from the machine and did an install from CD.

The install went fairly smooth and in a few minutes I had a functional
machine with
512M swap, 1G / , 1.5G /var, 5G /usr, 6G /home and a 135G /vol1 slice.

After getting everything running, I started copying files to the /vol1
slice via SMB when I saw a kernel panic after about 30 seconds.

Panic: ffs_vfree : freeing free inode
dev = ad0s1g, ino=4, fs=/vol1

Upon rebooting, it'll give me a login prompt & start the background
fsck. I'll log in quickly and then maybe after about 2 minutes the
cursor will stop blinking and turn to a solid square. At that time I can
no longer type to display on the screen. Sshd stops responding as well.

Now here's the weird part. I can switch ttys just fine. I can also still
access the internet from LAN'ed machines through my ipfilter/ipnat setup
on this machine. I just can't use anything that I guess requires disk
access. I went to bed to make sure that it wasn't just doing something
that was just using 100% of the resources but upon getting up, it's
still locked.

I then rebooted and did a boot -s. Did a manual fsck which of course
found errors, then 'exit'd to the login again. The machine locked up a
few minutes later just as before so I don't believe it has anything to
do with the background fsck.

To further test, I booted to single user again, and then let it sit
after it was done with an fsck. It locked just sitting there in single
user mode.

I can't imagine this drive is simply "too big". 

John Straiton
Clickcom, Inc

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