> Raising PMAP_SHPGPERPROC works most of the time.  You can also re-tune
> your Apache setting to keep processes from constantly spawning and
> dying.  For example, set the max spare and min spare servers settings
> higher, so Apache keeps more spare servers around instead of spawning
> them on demand and killing them when the demand ends.
> Another option is to upgrade to 7.X, which seems to have replaced the
> mechanism by which this is done to be more dynamic and not have this
> problem.

Since he has only this server as production, and does not like
re-compiling the kernel on it (and rebooting), the only option that's
sensible is retuning Apache and restart services (since an upgrade to
7.X would be even more involved than a kernel rebuild).

By the way, does anyone know whether there is any way to tune
PMAP_SHPGPERPROC using sysctl, or does such button/knob not exist?

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