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this is a bit OT but since bsd and os x have enough in common in the core some people here might have dealt with an os x server before..

ok. here is the problem. i have this os x server put on my lap to administer and there are some really weired things happening.

the machine has 2 inet interfaces - 2 cards. one of them - en0 (network A) - is wired to 192.168.x.x and the other - en1 (network B) - has an external ip which is not on the same subnet (network) the 192.168.x.x belongs to. so far so good.

theoretically the en1 (network B) card should be accessible through the external ip no matter where you a coming from....

what happens is that if somebody on network A (of en0) tries to access the machine via 192.168.x.x - it works. but if that somebody wants access that machine via the external ip on network B (en1), like they would access any other external IP - they can not. this is weired because they can access any other machine on B . now me being on the network B i can access the machine via the external IP which is also on B, but, and this is the weirdest, i can not access it from outside either A or B with that same IP (?!?). but i can access any other machine on B from outside either subnet....

What you're describing sounds like a network loopback problem (at least
this is what the Linux folks refer to it as).

I would recommend you re-post this question to freebsd-net, as someone there can explain to you what's happening in detail, why it happens, and
how to solve it effectively.

ok. will try there. thanks....

Also, keep in mind that the "FreeBSD and OS X have enough in common"
concept is a horrible one -- they do have some pieces in common, but
OS X really *is* quite a different beast in numerous respects. Apple, sincerely and honestly, has tinkered with all sorts of pieces. Please
keep that in mind.  :-)

ok too. i kinda used that as an excuse to post here cause nobody over there - on some os x lists and forums - was trying to help. and having found a lot of solutions on this list as a long time freebsd user i though i'd give it a shot....



Did you add a specific route for the alternative network? I know this may sound crazy but for whatever reason Macs don't override the default route automatically. You would think that any attached ethernet device would be considered a best route to that LAN however I have had experience otherwise.

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