AWESOME this worked like a charm, I added -r=1024 to it and BAM works! :) Thank you everybody!

Manolis Kiagias wrote:
Victor Farah wrote:
I have about 10 machines that are NFS clients, 5 are new and 5 are older. Anyway the new machine mount from the NFS server just fine. The older machines mount; and I can ls /mnt/data/; BUT when I ls /mnt/data/sc/ on the older machines this happens:
nfs server not responding
nfs server not responding
nfs server not responding
nfs server not responding

But on the new machines they work perfectly fine?
As well the old machines mount it as i stated before I can even ls the parent directory /mnt/data/ and it shows me all the directories on the mount, but anytime I ls or do anything inside there it does that or freezes.

Any idea's?

How "old" are these old systems? Do you have any ISA type ethernet cards?

Read Handbook's section 30.3.6:

I actually had this kind of trouble once, and it was due to an ISA network card. I doubt you are really using an ISA card in a production system, but some of the remedies described in the section may give you a hint of what is going on.

Victor Farah - Systems Administrator
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