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On Tuesday 28 October 2008 01:31:16 M. Warner Losh wrote:
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            Oliver Fromme <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: Daniel O'Connor wrote:
:  > On Friday 24 October 2008 23:20:59 Peter Jeremy wrote:
:  > > > this will make system trying to bind 32-bit libs to 64-bit
:  > > > program. it can't work
:  > >
:  > > rtld shouldn't attempt to bind 32-bit libs to 64-bit programs.
:  >
:  > The same problem happens with the Linux run time linker - it merrily
:  > tries to link FreeBSD libraries to Linux binaries with predictable
:  > results..
: You *can* link Linux libraries with FreeBSD binaries (and
: vice versa), if the library does not perform any syscalls,
: e.g. it is a pure computation library or similar.
:  > That said it would be really nice if it ignored incompatible libraries
:  > :)
: No.  Please don't put such pseudo-cleverness into rtld.
: It wouldn't be an improvement, in fact it might break some
: working configurations.

Yes.  I have a bunch of printer drivers that I've used that link in
linux shared libraries...  They are in ports...

Good point..
The problem is really the Linux linker - it will find a FreeBSD library and
try and use it ahead of a Linux one later in the search path - this prevents
stuff working :)

I have this exact problem with libfontconfig and Xilinx ISE.

Perhaps instead of ignore, use last.. But then it doesn't really matter for
the FreeBSD linker - I imagine I would have to convince Linux folks it's a
good idea.

Please ignore for a moment that we are not talking about changing the FreeBSD RTLD anymore: Would it make sense (for us and/or for GNU) to first search for libs for the current system and if none are found to try the others?


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