Stefan Moro wrote:

I've got a question regarding the way that gmirror identifies what
"components" (if that is the right term) are included in a mirror.

I recently created a mirror over two disks, ad2 and ad4. After some
bios changes (activating PATA) these devices were changed to ad6 and
ad10 respectively.
The "magic" thing (which probably isn't so magic =) ) here is that
after reboot, gmirror still managed to identify the mirror, now using
ad6 and ad10.

If I have understood things correctly, gmirror stores all relevant
information about the mirror in the last sector on the provider.

So I guess one possible solution is that gmirror ,during startup,
scans all disks/slices for this magic sector and then "starts" the
But if this is the case, how does gmirror know that it should use (in
my example above) ad10 and not ad4 as the additional disk in the
Or does gmirror use something else than the /dev entries to address disks??

I'm just curious how gmirror does this.

BR Stefan
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I don't know the technical details of the internal working of gmirror, but it likely uses the volume serial number or other such identifier.
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