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> andrew clarke <mail_ozzmosis.com> said (on 2008/10/29):
> > You need to understand that the FreeBSD project by its nature is
> > primarily source-code driven.  Making packages available (of any
> > port) is of very low priority in comparison to the rest of the
> > system (testing, documentation, etc).  Demanding that the FreeBSD
> > volunteers build a package just because you want to use it is a bit
> > unfair, particularly when you can make one yourself without much
> > trouble.
> I'm not sure I got all the emails in this thread... maybe some just
> haven't arrived yet.
> Anyway... I, for one, depend on packages. It literally takes days to 
> build something like Firefox on my (admittedly old) computer.

In that case I would suggest that you stick to release versions and
don't update your ports tree between releases unless there's a
significant vulnerability that's fixed in the current tree. 
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