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> Hi--
> On Oct 28, 2008, at 9:16 AM, zhenghua wang wrote:
> > I wanna get some screenshots of my command-line-only system(8- 
> > current),how
> > can I perform this?
> > Thanks a lot,looking forward to your mail.
> See "man vidcontrol", as in:
>       The following command will capture the contents of the first  
> virtual ter-
>       minal, and redirect the output to the shot.scr file:
>             vidcontrol -p < /dev/ttyv0 > shot.scr

Another option would be to utilize the mouse edit buffer to
capture screen content in "ASCII only", it requires a standard
three button mouse and moused running correctly. Then you can
select parts of the screen content or the whole screen using
the left mouse button, then use Alt+PF2 (for example) to
switch to another VT, login, start an editor (ee screen.txt)
and then press the middle mouse button - the selected text
will be put 1:1 into the file.

Unelegang manual work, but sometimes useful (e. g. if you
need screenshots for documentation purposes where a simple
ASCII reproduction without colors or other attributes is

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