I would like to know what is the best way to setup gmirror + gjournal,
on a slice level on two hard drives. Do I set up a mirrored journal
partition + mirrored journalized slice (gmirror on top of gjournal) on which
I create my labels with bsdlabels (will create /dev/mirror/name.journal,
/dev/mirror/name.journala, /dev/mirror/name.journalb). Or I setup a
journalized slice on both hard drive and then I mirror /dev/ad0s1.journal
and /dev/ad1s1.journal (gjournal on top of gmirror)? I have hard time to
figure out what would be the best, if I want to avoid mirror rebuild on
power failure and I want fast fsck. I'd also like to make this setup on my
1st slice (which contains the root filesystem).



Gabriel Lavoie
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