Colin Percival wrote:
RW wrote:
With portsnap the default server is itself one of the servers on the
SRV list, so portsnap should fall-back to a working server even when
DNS is unavailable (behind a proxy) or screwed-up by a router etc.

I dont see a reason why shouldn't have the
same A-record as, so that it "just works".

With portsnap, I asked for the A record to be created not as a fallback
for people with broken DNS, but instead as a backwards compatibility
mechanism for people who were running old versions of portsnap which
didn't do SRV lookups.  To be honest, I didn't realize that there were
so many people with broken DNS resolution.

I'll ask the FreeBSD DNS admins to add an A record for

Colin Percival

I had up until now been transparently benefiting from that
"non-fallback" legacy A record for portsnap as well.

Thanks for looking into this. I am personally amazed that an issue
caused by a misconfiguration on my end could result in changes on the
FreeBSD DNS servers to avoid similar issues for others. Kudos to FreeBSD

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