Hey there, I am a user of FreeBSD-7.0 and I must say that I am really
impressed with it, I must admit though that I used to be(still am) a
Linux user, so the switch wasn't that easy but I managed to do it with
help from the FreeBSD handbook(My thanks go to the authors of that
excellent guide).

But now I've faced a big problem, I can no longer seem to login to the
root account where whenever I supply the proper credentials to the login
screen, I always get thrown back to the login screen. This started
happening after I installed D-bus and HAL through the FreeBSD ports
which were built upon Xorg 1.5.1 which I had built myself previously, so
I am wondering if something I did may have caused the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.

Pramod Dematagoda

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