On Friday 21 February 2003 08:10 am, Alistair Phillips wrote:
| Hi guys,

| So I enabled SoftUpdates when I was busy with FDISK at the install
| time and now it seems like it may have been a bad idea.  Now I know
| 4GB is not much but it seems that there is no more space left.  And
| at times df -h will tell me there is -180MB available on / !  [  Dont
| get me wrong here, I am
| not saying that SoftUpdates is causing me lack of space. ]

Softupdates don't take up any more or less space than not having them; 
just have "too much stuff" installed.

Softupdates can cause *transient" failures to find space, but if you 
still have too little space after five minutes, then softupdates has 
nothing to do with it.

And softupdates work much *better* on large partitions than small ones; 
with a 4G partition the transient space loss problem is virtually 
non-existant; the reason that they disabled by default on / is almost 
certainly because the / is usually *small*, not large.

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