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> Subject: FreeBSD 7.1 - Status
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> Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008, 2:47 AM
> Hi,
> According to the Release Schedule for FreeBSD 7.1 it is a
> few months behind.  
> I know that FreeBSD 7.1 will not be released until it is
> working properly, 
> and bug free however I am wondering what the hold ups are. 
> If someone could take the time to answer me I would
> appreciate it.
> Regards
> David

Generally speaking, the easiest way to find out when a release is really likely 
to get out the door is probably to check the GNATS system for major bugs and 
follow the goings-on over on the stable, hackers, and other 
development-oriented mailing lists.  There hasn't been an RC for 7 yet, so it 
still has a ways to go.  6.4-R will probably be out the door in a matter of 
weeks, as RC2 just got tagged a couple of days ago.  Hint: look for kensmith 
commits to newvers.sh for a much quicker heads-up on activity than you'll get 
from the schedule on the website.  ;)

- mdh

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